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“To be a global leader in defense innovation through seamless integration of advanced technology, platform solutions, and engineering excellence to safeguard our nation and empower allies and partners worldwide.”


"Our mission is to lead defense innovation, applying cutting-edge technology, world-class platform solutions, and engineering excellence to deliver comprehensive defense solutions to rapidly support operational needs. Our team is dedicated to safeguarding our nation, strengthening and empowering allies and partners worldwide, and continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the service of global security and stability."


MSI innovators rapidly deploy ground-breaking techniques and the latest technologies to programs accomplishing accelerated manufacturing timelines to quickly design, engineer, and deliver capabilities for numerous systems – suspension, mechanical design and integration, communications infrastructures, command and control, electronic controls, mechatronics and as an ATF FFL Level 9 holder, weapon systems.


MSI Defense Solutions was founded with one goal in mind – to transfer our 300 plus years of contemporary motorsports experience to military vehicles and systems in the form of components, technology, and processes. Our employees have enjoyed success at the highest levels of racing and vehicle design, testing, and development. Along the way, they have accumulated countless years of experience in off-road racing, motorcycle and motocross racing, NASCAR, Formula 1 and premium road car development.  MSI produces some of the most technologically advanced, highest performance vehicle and integration systems for use on land, air, and water. It’s the collaborative expertise and shared technologies that allow MSI to design the right part, the first time, for your mission.


Using MSI’s vast breadth of complete vehicle design experience, and an array of analytical and mechanical testing tools, users can rest assure delivered solutions have been validated. MSI vehicles have been airdropped, EMI chamber tested, performance and durability tested through the extreme rigors of the Nevada Automotive Testing Center (NATC) and other proving grounds for thousands and thousands of real-mission miles.


Increased Engineering Service capabilities founded upon MSI’s extensive use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and in-house fabrication capabilities are available for bespoke vehicle integration to serve your strategic, tactical and logistical needs in areas of drivetrain and powertrain development, module design, weapon system integration, comms system integration and remote field testing and tuning for MSI equipped vehicles.


MSI Defense Solutions’ experienced group of Project and Design Engineers combined with its uniquely experienced Technical Sales, Fabrication, and Assembly teams leverage their motorsport and military experience in vehicle engineering to deliver on any Customer project.  Skilled in Engineering Test, Development, and Validation, MSI’s teams possess the agility to swiftly respond to critical needs, whether developing bespoke projects in a compressed timeframe or problem solving and trouble-shooting an  existing mission-critical system.  Projects such as suspension and braking system design, drivetrain integration and re-power efforts, engine management system development and tuning, environmental and transportability testing are routinely part of MSI’s daily work.  Integration of comms and weapons systems, big and small, as well as modular design for kitting and multi-mission flexibility and commonality on Non-Standard Commercial Vehicles (NSCV) as well as on commercial thin-skinned vehicles for special missions, and conventional military platforms.  MSI is well-versed in vehicles from 1,200 lbs to more than 75,000 lbs, with solutions fielded to military Customers around the globe in these disciplines.

Our extensive use of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools drives design and manufacture accompanied with real-world and mission-critical testing to validate our designs, enabling us to field fully capable solutions.